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empowering migrants through citizen science

Step into a world of diversity and movement, where one organization is leading the charge for transformation. Experience the Migrants' Citizen Science Association (MCSA) as it pioneers an extraordinary initiative, channeling the strength of migrants to make a significant impact in their new communities through scientific research. Witness the pivotal role played by citizen scientists in monitoring wildlife, tracking environmental changes, and collecting crucial data to advance scientific knowledge. MCSA goes beyond research; it serves as a platform for connection and empowerment. Discover how migrants develop new skills, gain environmental insights, and forge global connections through workshops, training, and community events. By contributing to cutting-edge research and sharing their unique perspectives, citizen scientists promote inclusivity and understanding while driving positive change. Embrace the invitation to join the Migrants' Citizen Science Association and become part of a global movement where every voice matters. Together, we can make a change. Join us today!

All About Citizen Science

Explainer video:

What is citizen science?

"This animation provides a brief and engaging introduction to citizen science approaches in prevention, and is aimed at anyone wanting to find out more about citizen science and the opportunities and benefits of these approaches in research, policy, and practice in prevention."

The video "Explainer Video: What is citizen science" was published by The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre on YouTube.

The Awesome Power of

Citizen Science

The SciStarter | SciShow

"You don't have to be a professional scientist to make a contribution to our collective knowledge."

The video "The Awesome Power of Citizen Science" was published by SciShow on YouTube.



"Over 36 months, the EU-Citizen.Science project has successfully built a knowledge hub for citizen science in Europe. But we have done way more than that! From a collaboration with the most relevant citizen science actors in Europe that has led to the development of international events, to the production of more than 20 citizen science training modules, the community built around the EU-Citizen.Science platform is growing."

The video "EU - Citizen.Science Project" was published by European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) on YouTube.