Everyone belongs.

We extend a warm invitation to individuals seeking to contribute to the MCSA team, a dedicated group predominantly comprised of migrants who have converged from various parts of Europe with a shared objective: advocating for citizen science. Drawing upon our diverse cultural backgrounds and extensive experiences, we harness a collective passion for involving the public in scientific research and fostering inclusive social decision-making processes. Despite encountering linguistic, cultural, and bureaucratic obstacles along the way, our steadfast commitment lies in bridging the divide between scientists and the community.

As ardent proponents of citizen science, we take great pride in championing its transformative influence in recognizing the valuable contributions of migrants to both science and society. By embracing and actively involving migrants in citizen science endeavors throughout Norway and Europe, we aim to address a wide range of social issues, spanning the domains of environment, sustainability, health, education, and social justice, among others.

Our overarching goal is to proactively engage migrants in citizen science by augmenting their representation within scientific fields, cultivating networks of citizen scientists and researchers, and fostering an inclusive environment that embraces individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences. Moreover, we strive to provide support for migrant-led citizen science projects and initiatives, foster the development of a comprehensive European citizen science movement, educate policymakers and other stakeholders, forge strategic partnerships, and conduct comprehensive studies aimed at dismantling barriers or challenges impeding migrants' participation in scientific research and citizen science projects.

As unwavering advocates for citizen science, we actively lobby for policies and funding that endorse citizen science initiatives and encourage the active involvement of citizens, including migrants. In this spirit, we wholeheartedly extend an invitation for you to join the MCSA team and community! The MCSA serves as an organization steadfastly dedicated to promoting the active participation of migrants in citizen science activities, all while prioritizing sustainability and effective communication. Our organization's endeavors are firmly guided by a set of seven core values: empowerment, respect for migrants' rights and culture, fairness, honesty, integrity, humility, diversity, and inclusivity. These values lay the groundwork for our mission and vision, which seek to empower migrants through science and society.

Now is the time to take action! Join us today and become an integral part of the MCSA's journey toward a more inclusive and impactful citizen science landscape.

Welcome to the mcsa team & community!